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Expedia turns out to be the most expensive website among all three comparisons.


Trip pricing comparisons

When searching the same criteria with our top competitors, We Serve Vacation Club prices are always the best.



 Las Vegas, Nevada-United States from 9/8/2018 to 9/15/2018

Rome-Italy from 8/19/2018 to 8/25/2018

Dubai-United Arab Emirate from 7/29/2018 to 8/4/2018

Bali-Indonesia from 8/19/2018 to 8/25/2018

Gold Coast-Australia from 12/2/2018 to 12/8/2018

Nairobi-Kenya from 10/14/2018 to 10/20/2018

*Note that all prices and amenities are subject to change.  These prices were current as of  january 2018

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